Body Massage - Full or Half?

Full Body Massage has amazing powers, which is one reason why it has remained popular in every civilization throughout the centuries. Physiologically, full body massage is beneficial to our muscles and connective tissues. Full body massage helps muscles stay healthy and eliminate waste byproducts that are formed from natural use. Full body massage can incorporate a combination of Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage or Sports massage. Stretching is very common in a full body massage. Emotionally, it is nourishing. There really is no question of whether a client would prefer a full body massage or a half body massage.

As we grow older, we grow more isolated from touch. Infants and children touch each other, and are touched by grown ups, almost constantly. As an adult, touch becomes less a method of communication than a mode of formality. Scientists have noted a direct increase in brain activity on all levels when we experience touch. It makes our brain come alive even more than music, which we all listen to strictly for pleasure. Full body massage is a way to recapture the art of touch and enjoy its many benefits.

Enjoy all the benefits of a full body massage and treat yourself to something special.