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Newest Male Massage Reviews in Atlanta

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Member Reviews

Taje' Taje'
Reviewed by JERRY from Washington DC on Nov 29, 2006

It is very hard for me to describe the amazing massage I received from TAJE. He describes himself as a "SEXXY MASCULINE ISLAND STUD". Unlike many other persons in this business, he lives up to EVERY WORD of that description. He took me to what I can only describe as " FANTASY ISLAND" (smile).As a person who not only receives but gives massages on a regular basis, this is by far the BEST massage I have ever experienced in my LIFE! He was warm, respectful, kind and just down right nice. If you are looking to experience an AWSOME massage, TAJE is your man. I can hardly wait for my next appointment, and I will be a client for many years to come.    

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Reviewed by from Atlanta on Nov 21, 2006
Best massage experience

Had to wait 2 days for appointment, but now I know why. Truly the best, most exhilarating massage experience Ive had in quite awhile. Suffer for neck and back pain but Jim made me relaxed. Massage was very soothing. Not the hard pinching or poking fingers, you get from others. He has very strong hand and forearms. and it was a different experience. Very professional as well Thanks    

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Brian Brian
Reviewed by Mike from New York City on Nov 20, 2006
Great Massage With Brian

After reading Brian's posting a few times, I got the feeling that he really loved what he did and got a good overall feeling about him. I was right!! After a few emails back and forth, he showed up at my place on time. I was a bit nervous about the whole thing but Brian made me feel comfortable right away. His massage is great. He knows what he is doing. I know this is such a cliche but he found knots I never even knew I had. He's very down to earth, easy going, and has a wonderful calming and warm personality. He's also much better looking in person than his photo. I look forward to my next visit with Brian.

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Brian Brian
Reviewed by a member from NYC on Nov 13, 2006
Very Good Massage

Brian is a very good masseur. He has tremendous energy, and great massage skills. He worked on a bad shoulder and managed to loosen it up. I will certainly be seeing Brian again.

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Reviewed by a member from Atlanta on Nov 13, 2006
Experienced and Well-Trained

Jim is an experienced and well-trained masseur that has an innate gift of simply knowing where your troubled spots are located. He listens to your needs and applies the appropriate amount of pressure, as he has a strong understanding of human anatomy.     

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Taje' Taje'
Reviewed by Joseph from Somerset on Nov 6, 2006
A Masseur that does a body good.

Taje' came to my hotel room while I was on a job location in New Jersey for a few days. I emailed him that I wanted a massage and my time constraint. He very politely said "I'll take care of you." He arrived at my hotel the next day as promised, on time, and gave the most  sensual massage of my life. The way he uses his beautiful body to massage my body was beyond description. There are no words to adequately convey my delight with his services.    

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Lee Paul Lee Paul
Reviewed by on Sep 6, 2006
About once a month I seek a massage and rarely do I return to the same masseur. Now that has changed. Lee is fantastic and while the definition of ecstasy still starts with \"a state of exhalted delight\" it now continues to include \"received at the hands of Lee Cohen\". His massage is calming, soothing and mentally sensual. He is gifted with a magical touch and a very open caring personality. He delivered pressure where needed and tenderness where appropriate. This was the best massage I have received. Lee understands when it is appropriate to verbally communicate and when his hands should do the talking. Lee is masculine, sexy and best of all caring. My trip home was filled with the sense of his touch and his fragrance. Believe me guys, Lee will stay with you!    

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Kenn Kenn
Reviewed by a member on Jan 7, 2006
I have had many massages and writing a review is not something I normally do but, my experience with Kenn was worth my recommendation. I simply went to his Website (very informative) and just filled out the appointment request form of the services I wanted to have in my session (I had the Utopian Experience Package) and that was that. He did the rest; warm inviting atmosphere (candles, aromatherapy, music,) hot green tea, and products to use before leaving (great when I have to go somewhere directly), he even gave me a bottled water to go! All I had to do was show up! He is friendly and the session was so thorough and flowed so well from his technique and energy to the aromatherapy oils, hot towels and experience that left me rejuvenated and very satisfied. Great hands Kenn! Thank you. Ed in Decatur, Georgia

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Reviewed by Mike from Atlanta on Jun 22, 2005
Great Massage

Jim gave a great massage. Very professional, took time to listen, didn't rush through it, all attention was on me. Great experience -- I can't imagine you would be disappointed.

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Reviewed by a member from Atlanta on Jan 7, 2005
Great Massage from a great guy

Jim gave a great massage in a wonderful environment. He was good about getting back to me and even offered to give me a lift back to my hotel so I wouldn't have to take a taxi. Great music, great room. Very strong, attentive massage.

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