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Gay London For Your Trip Abroad


By Joseph Holmes


Winter is about to give way to Spring, and Spring means getting out of town and searching for adventure. Maybe it even means getting out of the country! There’s no better time to plan a getaway to Europe, and right now, there’s no better place to visit than London, England.

As you may have guessed, there’s more to London than Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace, especially if you’re a savvy gay traveler looking for a way to kick around the town.

But maybe it's your first in London and you need help in getting sstarted as to where to find places that range from teh coolest to the quietest. Perhaps you happen to be historic buff, or may your're the traveler who is looking for something with more punch than Punch and more

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How Important Is Gay Money?

by Joseph Holmes


Rarely do we think of how consumer dollars—specifically, gay dollars—have a positive affect on the gay community and the economy at large.


If that weren’t true, there would not be such an attempt at anti-gay proponents to single out gays and gay supporters where money is concerned.


In an article by Carlos Santoscoy, September 8, 2008, on the web site OnTop Magazine

(, Fred Karger, Campaign Manager of Californians Against Hate, makes the observation that certain people “are pouring in money into California to eliminate our freedom to marry [and] are willing to spend tens of millions of dollars to do just that.” more


© 2008; All Rights Reserved.



by Joseph Holmes

Once again, Los Angeles, California plays host this 2008 Halloween season to a variety of fabulous treats for the gay and lesbian community. From wicked theater, to a tricky night at local clubs, to costume balls, you cannot miss a gay Halloween in the city of West Hollywood. Locals and visitors from all of the world will surely have more than goodies to fill their pockets and definitely more fun than you can shake a wand at! more

© 2008; All Rights Reserved.



Massage Therapy For Men and Its Benefits

by Dr. Ray Mars

Massage therapy addresses a variety of health conditions---the most common of course, being stress related tension, which many experts say is responsible for 80-90 percent of illnesses.  For instance, massage has been proven helpful in treating cancer-related fatigue, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, low-back pain, immunity suppression, spinal-cord injury, autism, postoperative surgery, age-related disorders, infertility, eating disorders, smoking cessation, and depression, just to name a few

 Short-term benefits of massage improve circulation throughout the body, which increases blood flow, bringing fresh oxygen to body tissues.  This can assist the elimination of waste products, speed healing after an injury, and enhance recovery from disease.  At its long-term best, massage has the potential to restore a person physically, mentally and spiritually, which goes along way in the world we in live more

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Openly Gay Massage Therapists Go Universal


by Joseph Holmes



If you think gay massage therapists cater only to gay men, think again.


The popularity of massage therapy is at an all-time high, which comes as no surprise since it’s been known to do the body good for millennia. 


But how’s this for a surprise? On a playing field where massage therapy has moved up in rank as reputable business, openly gay men are standing front and center in the competitive world.  Board-certified, licensed, registered—it makes no difference.  They all mean business, and their satisfied clients are extolling the benefits loud and clear.  Sound intriguing?  Keep more


© 2008; All Rights Reserved.





A Beginners Guide To Sensual Male Massage


by James Newman



The words "sensual massage" can conjure all sorts of images -- some more steamy than others.


It's a loaded phrase, certainly, but not necessarily in a negative sense, according to a masseur.


“I like how the site is open to self expression of sensual massage by the massage therapist. Everyone has his own definition, so it is left open to the masseur," said a F.A.M. masseur. “It's important to do so”, he said, “Because communication between the client and the masseur is vital”.


In other words, the clients can communicate what they desire from a massage, and the masseur can relay back what kind of massages they do, so the client knows exactly to expect from the massage. If the client goes into the massage blindly, they could be disappointed, which neither party would want.


Sensual massage is, by definition, an extremely intimate act. Particularly when both the client and the masseur are gay, the massage can easily have sexual undertones. But a massage can also just be a more



© 2008; All Rights Reserved.





Massage And The Art Of HIV Self Care


By Joseph Holmes

We hold babies when they cry. We cup the backs of their heads and gently lay them on our shoulders. It isn’t something we’re taught; we just do it. To offer comfort and affection and show love by enveloping in touch—it is so simple within a typically complex human spirit, its history ancient; we were hugging one another long before we could make fire. And no doubt it may even help keep us civilized.

We give hugs, and we receive hugs. It feels good during, and it feels better after, and likely we’ve never pondered why. We may not think of human touch being vital to our health and survival. But it is, and study after study has proven it. When our embraces are brief but sincere; when we out and out give big ole hugs; when we comfort with simple touch—these are times when small miracles of healing have taken place right under our, well, more


© 2008; All Rights Reserved.

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