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Gay London For Your Trip Abroad

By Joseph Holmes

Winter is about to give way to Spring, and Spring means getting out of town and searching for adventure. Maybe it even means getting out of the country! There’s no better time to plan a getaway to Europe, and right now, there’s no better place to visit than London, England.

As you may have guessed, there’s more to London than Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace, especially if you’re a savvy gay traveler looking for a way to kick around the town.

But maybe it’s your first time to London, and you need help in getting started as to where to find places that range from the coolest to the quietest. Perhaps you happen to be a historic buff, or maybe you’re the traveler who is looking for something with more punch than Punch and Judy.

Your computer is the first and fastest way to start. There are plenty of sites geared toward Gay London, so why not try  As the site states, London Gay Man is your very own gay-web personal assistant. Always out and about in the city, London Gay Man has information on everything including daily news, online dating, events, gay bars, gay pubs, gay nightclubs and much more. Constantly updated, you'll find everything you need to know about what is happening in the country's capital.

As for what’s happening in gay nightlife, London is unsurpassed. There are more than enough places to dance the night away than I can list here. I found an informative (but not nearly exhaustive) web site where there are plenty of listings geared toward looking for that special place of dancing pleasure. The site,, offers day-to-day and hour-by-hour listings of what is going on for specific clubs.

Or maybe you want a daytime experience with a historic edge and you’d like something that takes you for a walk around town.  Through May 26, you must try the London Da Vinci Code Tour. Actor Gary Fordham follows the trail in search of the Holy Grail, revealing a connection author Dan Brown missed in the book. Keep in mind that this popular attraction will fill up quickly and will only run until Tuesday, May 26, so booking in advance is necessary. The walk starts at 1:30 pm and fares for a very reasonable price of 20 pounds. For further information, visit the web site at

No doubt your appetite will be stirred. Cap your day of fun with a fabulous meal at Out & Out, the original gay dining club of London. Paul Burston of Time Out says, “Whether you're looking for love or just the chance to expand your social horizons, I can't think of a better way to start." The club, established in 1993--Where men like you meet men like you! (proclaims the web site)--specializes in gay personal introductions, gay friendship and gay dating in London. Contact them directly on their web site,

Finally, with all the walking and dancing and dining you’ve surely enjoyed in London, there is no better way to end the day than with a relaxing massage. London has plenty of male massage and gay massage listings to go around, and their numbers are growing.


The premier site for London gay massage is  Not only will you find listings for gay masseurs in London, but you’ll also find listings all over the world.  Just click on ‘London’ under the section where major cities are listed.


Right now, some massage therapists in London are offering discounts to first-time clients. And if it’s your first time, then you’re in for a spectacular treat. Some therapists offer specific types of massage therapies in their services.


Some massage therapists focus specifically on the more athletic client with heavy emphasis on treating sore muscles more commonly associated with sports. A sports massage is also essential for optimum treatment of certain injuries and is excellent for helping prevent sports injuries. So why not see your male massage therapist for a sports massage before getting tackled in that rugby match?


You may want to go a step further and request a massage where the senses are further heightened in the experience and intimacy is a key factor. This is a massage that is about the sheer pleasure of sensuality.


This brings us to the London massage therapists who may offer tantric massage. A tantric massage is a type usually a sensual massage whereby the therapist assists you to understand and control or re-direct energy. With a qualified male therapist or gay therapist, it can be of great benefit toward liberation of body, mind and spirit.


Still further is the practice of combining Reiki and massage for optimal results in therapy. Reiki healing is the usage of spiritual energy to heal a person's aura or situation. The word "Reiki" actually translates to "Universal Life Force Energy." Licensed therapists often take Reiki classes in order to learn how to use the energy to promote spiritual well being as well as physical well-being in their treatments.

If you need further clarification of such massage services as tantric massage, sensual massage or Reiki, feel free to use your favorite search engine, or contact a London-based male massage therapist or gay massage therapist on where you are free to browse and contact a masseur directly through the London area.  

Most male massage therapists or gay massage therapists from London practice their holistic art as a private business usually set up in a comfortable room out of their homes. Some make out calls to your hotel room, and as a traveler weary from adventures abroad, a house call catering to your needs at your time and place can be ideal.


The right gay massage therapist is waiting for you in London. The caring touch of a gay massage therapist from can rekindle and revitalize your mind, body and sprit. Point. Click. Relax.


© 2008; All Rights Reserved.

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