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FAM Review Policy is a gay massage internet directory  for those individuals interested in  locating m4m massage therapists.  We are NOT personally affiliated with any of the masseurs listed on this website or their work. We do not support any illegal activities or practices and each person is responsible for their own licensing, certifications  and insurances, for whichever areas they provide these services (as required by law).


Reviews will NOT be published if there is any use of explicit language or sexual content (erotic, nude, hung, etc...) or failing to submit a star rating for each category. retains the rights to edit down or totally remove any review that does not meet the policy of the site. The reviews must be clean and focused on the masseurs MASSAGE work and must follow Findamasseur review policy and marketing.

A Verified Client Email Address and agreement to the Terms of Use must be confirmed in order to submit a review.

Masseurs are allowed to post reviews of other masseurs found on FindAMasseur within their own Masseur Sign In area. (Locker Room)

Only the 40 most recent reviews are publicly visible.

As FindAMasseur has created its own unique 5 Star rating system, reviews from other websites cannot be uploaded into a masseurs account. Clients must also verify their email address and agree to the Terms of the site. In respect to other websites, all published copyright laws of other websites will be followed by and its users.

All reviews received may take up to 48 hours to post.

One review per client can be submitted for each masseur. As FindAMasseur is not an adult site, reviews cannot include any sexual, erotic, nude or illegal actions. Findamasseur retains the right to edit or totally deleted if submitted with this content.

One sentence reviews may possible not be published. Please  be as detailed as possible in your reviews.

Extreme Negative reviews are given a three strike policy for the masseur. At our discretion, if we feel the reviews have been falsely submitted or "made-up," we reserve the right to dispute and even remove them immediately. After certain recent client considerations and experiences, FAM has decided to enforce the following:

A negative review is not automatically publicly posted though you will be able to access any negatives files on the masseurs listed. If you are suspect about a service then you may inquire about a person's file to justify or recede any concerns in advance. We also make it a policy for ALL masseurs to surrender their reviews publicly to all that wish to view them. Remember to ask all the appropriate questions when determining who you will use and in making an invested decision. Screen smart as we are not responsible for any services listed on this site.

We create an automatic red flag file for those receiving any unfavorable reviews and do a monthly sweep. Everyone is respectfully notified (both the client and masseur). After three negative reviews, the listing will go into arbitration and we follow through with action. This gives him a chance to explain any former complaints. Then it is decided whether or not to post ALL (good and bad) reviews from then on. One negating review DOES NOT always reflect the masseur's work as a whole although it is IMPORTANT to us that we screen out those who would not be a good asset for FAM.

This is only fair to clients to make sure their bad experience doesn't happen to someone else. We are not there to protect either partyand we won't make that our position, yet we stand our ground to create certain rules. Reviews are a great marketing tool and NO ONE should take its resourcefulness for granted. If you should ever need a good recommendation, we will be more than happy to screen in advance for you. FAM wants only the best for our clients and masseurs.  Thank you for your understanding.



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