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Terms of Use is a  free internet directory  for those individuals interested in  locating massage therapists.  We are NOT personally affiliated with any of the masseurs listed on this website or their services. We do not support any illegal activities or practices and each person is responsible for their own licensing, certifications  and insurances, for whichever areas they provide these services (as required by law). is a listing service ONLY for individuals who have established themselves as masseurs or masseuses and have chosen to list themselves to the public on this internet site. does not investigate those individuals who have listed themselves or seek to list themselves on this site, nor does the listing of such individuals constitute an endorsement by, of their competence, skill, honesty or character. does not monitor the evaluations of the various individuals listed on this site, nor does it conduct periodic evaluations of the fitness of such individuals or the quality of the services they render. 

Users of this site must determine for themselves whether to use the services of any individual listed on this site and whose services to use.  Users of this site use the services of any individual listed on this site at their own risk, and will not be liable for any injury or loss suffered by users of this site due to the negligence or deliberate misconduct, illegal or otherwise (including criminal conduct) of individuals listed on

Users of this for any purpose other than as a visitor/client of Findamasseur looking for a massage therapist to promote any services or products is not allowed. Unsolicited email for promotional purposes will prosecuted to highest level allowed by law.

All masseurs placing advertisements must be (no more than/but not exclusive to a duo) approved by the Staff of FAM registered anywhere within this site. Groups of masseurs or organization(s) cannot advertise within one given ad space. There are ad and spec rates available for companies/organizations interested in advertising within FAM. These must also be pre-approved by the owner and/or staff of

Masseurs with ads which have not been activated to the public after one year are subject to be deleted from server. This includes all reviews posted to the account. Once deleted, all information cannot be retrieved.

Any images/information MUST BE accurate for each individual masseur listing on FAM. We reserve the right to immediately suspend and/or remove an ad at ANYTIME if there is any suspicious false or fraudulent information provided within the ad. A re-evaluation may be considered based on the legal opinions of the Webmaster and LEI,Inc. and you will be placed on a probationary trial period. always reserves its right to delete any account not viable to the mission of and its policies.

The user is advised to use common sense when seeking the services of a masseur or masseuse listed on this site, bearing in mind that the services may well be performed in the user's own home, or the home of the service provider, away from the general public.  There are some things the user can do to assist in the selecting a competent, professional individual for massage services:

-    Can you tell me more information about your work?
-    Are you formally trained and/or certified?
-    How long have you been practicing?
-    Do you use a massage table?
-    What kind of products (body condiments) do you use?
-    Do you have pets?

While asking these particular questions will not guarantee that you will receive the competent and professional service you expect and deserve, sticking to these five basic ones, combined with common sense may help you in getting the most out of your massage experience.

By using this site, you are acknowledging that you are at least 18 years if age and understand the risks described above, that you understand that any arrangement you may make with a masseur or masseuse listed on is a private arrangement between you and the massage therapist involved ONLY, that cannot and will not be liable for any body (or property) injury or loss occasioned by the negligent or intentional conduct of any individual listed on this site, and that you agree to ALL of these terms and conditions.


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