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  OSCAR, LMT - I.D.# (1575)

  LICENSED, RELAXATION, NEUROMUSCULAR, and SPORTS MASSAGE. For faster response, call me @ (323)541-5413 (Calls until 7 PM)

F.A.M. Approved Masseur
Swedish, Deep Tissue / Sports, Reflexology, Aromatherapy
Type of Massage: Legitimate / Non-sexual
Other: Neuromuscular, Sports Massage
Available for: Outcall, Hotel
Times: Early Mornings, Mornings, Afternoon, Evening
Advanced Notice: 2-8 hours
Home Based City: Burbank
Other Cities: Glendale, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Studio City
Rates: $90 / 75 min; $130.00 / 120 min;
Payment: Cash
Set up: Table

Mobile: (323) 541-5413

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"... a return to caring treatment can help save humanity from the isolation and inhumanity of the modern condition."    Dr. K. Serizawa

       I have been licensed in the state of Florida since 1992, after eleven months and 600 hours of intensive massage school training, and I must say that massage has brought me closer to my fellow human beings. 

    Early on in my training, I discovered the power of the human touch and I am totally convinced that is something we need from the day we are born on into adulthood and old age.

    I have also discovered how powerful massage can be to treat the pain, discomfort, and limited range of motion that come from the abuses our bodies undergo each day. Even more, when we experience deep relaxation it's like rebooting our computers: everything falls into place and works better.Doctors will give us a pill to take that pain away, but this doesn't solve the underlying problem!

Just read on:

    One client came to me complaining of pain in his right leg. After spending several minutes testing his range of motion, muscle tone and elasticity, I began to explore his body for the source of the pain. Eventually I pegged it at a very obscure muscle, the tensor fascia latae, which I discovered was knotted into the shape and texture of a golf ball. After two sessions my client had gone from being barely able to walk to working out on his treadmill pain-free! He later disclosed to me that he was an MD and that his associates at the hospital had been administrating cortisone injections and powerful pain killers, but had been unable to diagnose or solve the problem which I identified within minutes.

    This is the knowledge and ability you might not get from an untrained massage therapist. (Go ahead...ask your last masseur if he can pinpoint your tensor fascia latae!) Your body is subjected to overwhelming stress on a daily basis and there is nothing like a  true therapeutic massage! You owe it to yourself to help heal your body and mind.

    I work with clients from all walks of life, men and women, construction workers and CEOs, people wracked with pain and people who just need stress relief. HIV positive clients suffering from peripheral neuropathy have found welcome pain relief on my massage table, as well, just by spending a few extra minutes on the afflicted areas. Studies done by the Touch Research Institute, at Nova University in Florida, have shown that relaxation also boost the immune system and increases the number of white blood cells.

    Maybe you've tried some of the hundreds of masseurs in the LA area. Maybe you've even enjoyed their massages! But there's something that most of those masseurs may lack: the accuracy and insight that comes from intensive, legitimate massage education

  Outcall or incall massages in the privacy and  comfort of your home, my office, or hotel room. I bring my table and fresh linens. I use 100% pure almond oil in a very sparing amount so your skin will feel smooth and soft afterward, not greasy. (Cream or lotion is available for clients who prefer it.)

    I challenge you to treat your body to the expert touch I am proud to bring to LA area! Since relocating here from Florida, I've been amazed at how surprised my California clients are to discover true therapeutic massage for the first time.

    So if you're experiencing restlessness, pain, restricted range of motion, muscle tension and stress, you owe it to yourself to try the deeply relaxing power of a professional therapeutic massage. And you won't find a better massage therapist to give it to you!

Non-sexual massage.



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Client Reviews

Relaxation at its best
Reviewed by Don from Burbank on Nov 3, 2016

I had the pleasure of exchanging massages with OscarLMT. He has had some extensive training in massage techniques. He started out lightly by stretching my muscles and moved to some amazing deep tissue pressure. What impressed me is that he took the time to discuss some of these techniques and then showed me how it feels. He was intuitive to my stress areas and was able to relieve a lot of my tension. I highly recommend OscarLMT.

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Can't find a replacement
Reviewed by Cy from Miami on Nov 10, 2006

From the first time I was massaged by Oscar, about 13 years ago, I realized that I was in caring and professional hands. Oscar has the knack of zeroing in on trouble spots in my body and working them out with his healing skills. And with time and his taking continuing education courses, his skills were honed. Most impressive is his positive energy which he put into each and every massage I've had from him. Although I was sorry to see Oscar leave south Florida, I was happy that he was moving on in his career. Since he moved I have not found anyone I enjoy working on me. Fortunately when Oscar came East last September,2006, I was able to schedule a massage with him. What a wonderful experience again. I'm a 69 year old male and have been massaged regularly for the past 14 years. Although Oscar has been my main therapist, I have had other therapists but they did not come near the skills Oscar has. Professional, knowledgeable, clean, skilled intuitive hands and overall good energy is what I look for and found in sessions with Oscar. My loss is California's gain.     

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