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Newest Male Massage Reviews in Tulsa

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Jasen Jasen
Reviewed by Sam from Tulsa on Feb 15, 2013
A Hidden Gem!
I created an account on this site just so I could write a review for Jasen. This experience absolutely exceeded my expectations. I was so excited for the heated massage table, and it was fantastic. Jasen is extremely intuitive during his massage. He does great stretching and breathing work as well! I felt so relaxed. As has been said before, Jasen looks just as excellent as he does in the pictures. The booking process is very easy and fast. Jasen truly pays attention to details and makes you feel very at ease. I was intrigued by Jasen's limited details on his profile, and I love that mystery. He really does find problems I wasn't aware I had, and gives advice for working through them after I left the massage. Unfortunately, those 90 minutes went so fast! He just leaves you wanting more yet so relaxed! You must go. Stop guessing/questioning and go.

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Jasen Jasen
Reviewed by a member from Tulsa, OK on Mar 17, 2012
Great Massage

I needed a massage and found Jasen’s new listing here. He didn’t have any reviews yet, but his short bio sounded like the massage I was looking for. I contacted him with a few questions, and he responded quickly and courteously. It was easy to set-up an appointment, and his instructions made it easy to find his house. Parking is good on a quiet, residential street. Jasen welcomed me into his home with a warm smile, escorted me to his massage room, and we chatted about physical limitations he should know about. He was genuinely interested, and although we had just met, it took only a few moments for me to feel at ease with him. Jasen was prepared for my massage. His massage studio is tranquil, spotlessly clean, and the massage table was comfortably heated. I really appreciate that. Relaxing music was playing from his iPod. He left the room while I prepared for the massage and get on his table. Jasen knows what he’s doing. His techniques blends light and medium pressure, and he seems to know instinctively where and how to use his massage experience. Several times he guided me with proper breathing. He is friendly, interesting, and does not have an “attitude” that can quickly spoil a massage. I had booked a 75-minute massage, but after about 30 minutes I requested we extend it to 90 minutes. To sum-up, my first massage with Jasen was excellent. He was thoughtful of my needs throughout. I know it’s a cliché, but Jasen “looks even better than his photos” which is a nice bonus. He is muscular, and he applied pressure to those sore and problem areas. I’m already looking forward to my next session with him! I highly recommend Jasen.

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