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Newest Male Massage Reviews in San Antonio

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Brenton Hong Brenton Hong
Reviewed by Rogar from Austin on Jan 6, 2012
Best in the business period!
Brent is one of those rare find who is everything he advertises and then some! I highly recommend him for those seeking a masc, built, professional masseur. He is discrete, passionate, trustworthy and lot of fun to be with! I have hired him on several occassions, as well as in San Antonio, he is available for travel. I enjoy not only the massage part, but his company. He is very capable in what he doing, also we having great conversation! I find him to be very refreshing compared to others out there, he is without doubt one of the best in Texas, and for that matter in the business period! I highly recommend him!

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DAN (Austin,Tx) DAN (Austin,Tx)
Reviewed by from Austin on Mar 13, 2010
Amazing Experience
I could go on for pages about what an amazing experience I had with Dan...but I'll just sum it all up by saying he's truly extraordinary...I recommend that you do yourself a favor and book an appointment with him. I certainly will many more times.

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DAN (Austin,Tx) DAN (Austin,Tx)
Reviewed by a member from Austin on Nov 9, 2009
Dan is Devine!

It is so rare in male to male massage to find a masseur who is both therapeutic in his modality as well as sensual in his interaction...In Dan you find that man! It seems like all other masseurs I have found have left me feeling somewhat unsatisfied in one or the other of these essential modes...from the beginning when we first interacted on line, phone, and finally touched I have experienced a release and healing I have longed for for years...Dan is truly a gifted man who knows how to love other men...almost Devine...

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DAN (Austin,Tx) DAN (Austin,Tx)
Reviewed by from Austin on Oct 23, 2009
Passionate and Loving

Dan is awesome! He is passionate, caring, loving,and knows how to use his hands. He is good lucking, really beautiful. Very accepting, tender and makes you feel at ease. No attitude! You never feel rushed. The hour and a half was pure joy. I will defintely be calling again.

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Reviewed by from San Antonio on Mar 10, 2009
AWESOME!!! Nothing Else need to be said...

My partner and I have recently moved to San Antonio.. We drove from California so are bodies were torn up. In comes Jason to the rescue... He was awesome with getting back to us with time and price... He spoke with us for a day or two and made it really comfortable toget to know him... He was punctual, we had him come to our home... He was clean, polite and had awesome energy... the massage was AMAZING...He has STRONG hands yet a gentle touch.. I was more than impressed and his skilles are impecable...I say anyone who needs there body to feel alive and refreshed... This is the guy to have...For sure will use him again... Thanx again Jason

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Reviewed by Bryan from Austin on Sep 13, 2008
Jason is Fantastic!

Jason is an excellent therapist! I am a massage connoisseur and am always pleasantly surprised when a therapist exceeds my expectations. He does. Jason has strength, a good effleurage technique, and a very charming personality. He is not hard on the eyes either :) Do not hesitate giving him an opportunity.

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Massagensatx Massagensatx
Reviewed by Chris from San Antonio on Sep 17, 2006
David is the best in San Antonio

David was kind, safe, clean, and met every expectation. He is definitely a 5 out of 5 on this scale. I would highly recommend this kind and safe massage therapist.

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Andrew Andrew
Reviewed by James from Austin on Oct 7, 2005
Germans are Better Trained: In my humble opinion

I suppose we all have various expectations of massage. Mine is simple, when it's over I want my body to feel less tense, stressed, and tight. I also want my thinking to shift to a sense of renewal and well being. I work a lot of hours at a desk and it wears on my body and attitude. I have tried most masseurs in Austin, in fact, I try to visit a therapist once a week. Andrew came to my home and setup quickly. The massage was - truly - wonderful. The European technique is quite different than the American approach and involved more stretching than I had expected. Overall though, it was a welcome change and my body responded well to it. Throughout the week I felt more flexibility and my joints moved more freely. Andrew has strong hands giving him the strength to apply solid pressure and maintain it throughout a 90-minute session. His strokes are long and soothing and focused well on areas that I expressed as bothersome. He comes equipped with a pleasant personality and comfortable portable table. Overall, I highly recommend Andrew. Very professional and willing to provide a great healing experience.

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Andrew Andrew
Reviewed by from Austin, TX on Feb 21, 2005
A rare find in austin!

Best Masseur in the Austin area and I have tried most on this site and others, profession well trained awesome experience Andrew is a great masseur. Legitimate, great work with a sensual edge, I highly recommend him and Im picky and have had gotten massages all over the world I know a real winner when I see it.

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