Male Massage and it's History

Male massage, sometimes a male to male massage, has become very popular in the last 10 years. With male massage, you can enjoy the grooming and relaxation regimens that male massage therapist have to offer. Guys who are uncomfortable with labels that connote ambiguous sexuality should be able to appreciate a spa experience of a male massage without being pigeonholed. Feeling good about oneself through male massage is neither a masculine nor a feminine attribute; it's universally human. Letting go of the idea that men can only feel comfortable with women massage therapist is now in the past.

Male massage. The word massage has of late years come into general use to signify the method of treating disease or other physical conditions by manipulating the muscles and joints. According to Littr the word massage is derived from the Arabic mass, and male massage has the specific meaning of pressing the muscular parts of the body with the hands, and exercising traction on the joints in order to give suppleness and stimulate vitality. Male massage was probably adopted from the Arabian physicians by the French, who have played a leading part in reviving the method of male massage and of its treatment, which male massage has been practiced from time immemorial, and by the most primitive people, but male massage has from time to time fallen into disuse among Western nations. In the Odyssey the women are described as rubbing and kneading the heroes on their return from battle thus giving the male a massage. In India, under the name shampoo (tshampud), the same process of male massage has formed part of the native system of medicine from the most remote times; professional male massage therapists were employed there by Alexander the Great in 327 B.e. In. China the method using male massage therapists is also of great antiquity, and practiced by a professional class; the Swedish gymnastic system instituted by Pehr Henrik Ling is derived from the book of Cong-Fou, the bonze of Tao-Sse. Hippocrates describes and enjoins the use of male massage by manipulation, especially in cases of stiff joints, and he was followed by other Greek physicians in practicing male massage therapy. Oribasius gives an account of the application of male massage with the use of friction with the bare hands, which exactly corresponds with the modern practice of male massage. Among the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and later the Turks, male massage therapy came to be part of the ordinary procedure of the bath without any special therapeutic intention, and the usage of male massage has survived until today; but that mode of application of male massage was no doubt a refinement of civilized life. Medical rubbing meaning a massage is older and more elementary than bathing, as we see from its employment by savages. Probably male massage was evolved independently among different races from the natural instinct shared by the lower animals which teaches to rub, press or lick any part of the body in which uneasiness is felt, and massage therapy is therefore the oldest of all therapeutic means.