Male to Male Massage - Homosexual or Metrosexual?

Male to male massage, massage given by a male massage therapist for another male, is considered to be in the main stream of society to be a homosexual act. Is man to man massage truly an act of homosexuality or can it cross over into the world of metrosexuality?

Massage by a male can be both therapeutically fulfilling as well as emotional satisfying. In the massage community being sensually touched and caressed by another male is part of his inherent growth. Many homosexual men desire a sense of emotional and physical connection with another male and can satisfy this by a male to male gay massage. Whether sexual, sensual, therapeutic or emotional the touch of another male can be considered the ultimate high in the male gay community.

With the rise of the metrosexual, defined as an urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle, straight men are finding that it is okay to be sensually touched and not meaning erotically touched allowing themselves to receive a male to male massage without the stereotype of being considered gay. Many centuries ago, men loved to pamper themselves with the finer things in life. It wasn't until recently that straight men have started spending money on such things as man-to-man massage without the feeling of being labeled a homosexual. a male man to man massage can be strong, therapeutic and in the metrosexual community, a strong sense of male bonding.

In today's society, whether you are a homosexual or metrosexual, the benefits of a sensual and not erotic male to male massage can defiantly be much greater than not even being massage at all.