Masseur - Male Massage Therapist Extraordinaire

Masseur - A male massage therapist who gives massage therapy professionally. Masseur is the masculine French noun form for male massage therapist. Masseur is not to be confused with masseuse, a female massage therapist, masseur has made its way into the American form of male massage therapist as the proper pronunciation.

A masseur is a man who has devoted a part of his life to the study and practice of massage. A masseur may choose one particular variety to perfect, or a masseur may study a wide range of styles. Each masseur you choose will have a different technique. Indeed, each massage you experience, even from the same masseur, will be a different experience.

What should remain the same from time to time, masseur to masseur, is the fact that touch is inherently good, we don't get enough of it, and we're happier and healthier when we experience it in abundance.

Every person has there own preferences of gender and massage techniques when it comes to deciding between a masseur and masseuse.