The History of Tantric Massage

It has been documented that Tantric Massage is of Hindu origin and that the primary focus of tantric massage is on the establishment and maintenance of and equilibrium between the body's male (Shiva) and female (Shakti) energies.

It's obvious that men who can reach multi-orgasmic states are more emotionally intimate with their women and have an easier time reaching conscious sexual bliss. When a man finally discovers his capacity to relax into states of pleasure during tantric massage, it can take him to new levels that will be understood through direct experience sometimes meaning through tantric massage.

With tantric massage, men will have the ability to maintain a very heightened levels of arousal with frequent climaxes and pleasures unmatched.

Tantric massage is, however, a highly sensual and intense sexual excursion teaching the male to embrace his sexuality by learning to prolong orgasm, correct breathing, maintaining a healthy erection, and the balancing of the chakras. Tantric massage therapy is about the pampering of the body and the connection of mind, body and spirit. Tantric massage is a journey into your very own awareness resulting in your ability to control your lingam and not have the linga (penis) control you.

Tantric massage simply utilizes the body's sexual energy and erotic synergy as a way to becoming one with your God and the Universe. It is therefore a religious concept much in the same way as Christianity.

Tantric massage is utilizing the body's sex organs, erogenous zones, sexual energy and erotic synergy to bring one's consciousness to a higher plateau.

To fully understand Tantric Massage Therapy, you must be willing to recant all of your previous prejudices and conceptions of what is proper and what is improper. To enjoy tantric massage you must open yourself up to experience the new and the exotic.